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 Frankie Teardrop Dead

All you need is love and fucking peace made it to Levitation Magazine's Top 10 Albums of 2018 

'It was tough, as there is so much talent out there, so you may agree or disagree or even be impartial but you must concur it has been another great year for music'(Levitation Magazine, 2 December 2018)

 Montrell headlines

Paper Dress Vintage // 11 October 2018

and Servant Jazz Quarters // 25 November 2018

Their debut EP Animal is the result of Taylors lofi demos rearranged by the band and recorded in a studio Monk currently engineers for. Delayed and distorted guitars blend with smooth vocals and fragile lyrics.


Frankie Teardrop Dead are back from their tour in Cambodia. Sofiane, Luigi and I just celebrated their first single 'Joy in Division' (left) from their upcoming album "All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace".

Upcoming gigs:

Windmill Brixton // Thursday 3 May 2018

Mascara London // Friday 4 May 2018



Our Girl have announced a gig in London. Soph Nathan grabs you with a rocky vocal, adjusting amplifiers and guitars aplenty in between numbers while Tyler's bass and Wilson's drums take you through crescendo-ing journeys. Ones to watch.


LIVE at St. Pancras Old Church // Monday 19 March 2018



Introducing psychedelic dream-gaze Frankie Teardrop Dead. 

Ben (Vocals/Guitar), Carling (Vocals/Percussion/Synth), Sofiane (Lead Guitar) and Luigi (Bass) are working from their sonic bunker hidden deep beneath the chaos of Fountayne Road, London. Put yourself in pleasurable trance with psychedelic sitar: Obamara.


LIVE at The Brewhouse, London Fields // Wednesday 25 October 2017

Esther Thomas: 70-year-old personal dancer hypnotizing the audience





Introducing Londoners Jonny Taylor (Vocals/Guitar), Danny Monk(Lead Guitar), Sam Delves (Bass) and Dave Persiva (Drums). Indie Rock with a timeless ring to it, chorused and distorted guitars, and deeply honest lyrics sung by a heart-wrenching voice. Juxtaposed with witty comments onstage from the whole band.No wonder they packed out Servant Jazz Quarters Dalston in March. Here's their first single Morning - a song about fake affection.



Brighton Trio Soph Nathan (Vocals/Guitar), Josh Tyler (Bass) and Lauren Wilson (Drums) craft a dreamy yet gritty, shoegaze-inspired rock, mixing Nathan’s soft feathery vocals with blasts of distorted guitars.

Incredibly absorbing.

Listen to Level.


LIVE at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton // Saturday 20 May 2017




20-year-old Matt Maltese from South London. Sweeping nostalgic ballads and dry lyrics with a gentle nod to the current political landscape.

On the right, his video for stunning Studio 6


LIVE at One Church Gloucester Place, Brighton // Friday 19 May 2017



Producer Julien Bracht and vocalist Markus Nikolaus from Berlin are Lea Porcelain. They combine distorted vocals and rasping synths to create a dystopian euphoria. Listen to their new single Out is in


Feel synthesizers vibrating through every single one of your nerve cells

LIVE at Electrowerkz // Wednesday 15 February 2017



Doomsquad, from Toronto, Canada, is an art project made up of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas. Intense, darkly ambient, with throbbing electronic beats, their sound evokes a tribal dancing spirit: Eternal Return


LIVE at Moth Club // Thursday 26 May 2016



Tim Ross and Liz Lawrence are electro pop duo Cash + David.

Their music is all groovy synths, distorted echoing vocals and a lot of ambient reverb creating the feeling of floating in another sphere. Check out their absolutely beautiful video for 'Bones'.


LIVE at The Pickle Factory // Wednesday 11 May 2016

Green Door Store, Brighton // Thursday 19 May 2016

2am late night show



Originally from South Africa, Alice is a passionate street musician playing  soulful folk music. She performs regularly at Warschauer Straße, Berlin. A powerful girl calling attention to social injustices, in a very subtle way.

Oh Society, what have you done to me


LIVE at Bush Hall // Tuesday 17 May 2016